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Filling Out Tax Form

Tax Consultation

Our firm has extensive experience working with individuals and businesses.  We keep abreast of changes to the tax laws and provide tax planning services throughout the year.  As your trusted advisor, we evaluate your tax situation and can guide you through any tax challenges that may arise. An overview of our tax consultation services appear below.

Tax Planning Effective tax planning can literally save thousands of dollars. What is the structure of your business entity? What valuation method do you use for inventory? Are your small business and personal tax plans aligned? Our initial conversations with new clients typically result in big tax savings. Let’s see how we can help your business.

Liaison with Agencies Our tax prep services are comprehensive, accurate, and timely. If the IRS or State agency has questions or you are selected for an audit, we stand by our work and act as liaison between you and the government agency.

Multi-State Sales Tax Many small businesses are required to collect and remit sales tax across multiple states. Does your business fall within this requirement? Is your business in compliance with each State? We can help make sure and keep you compliant.

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