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Filling Out Tax Form

Business Taxes

Our firm understands how the latest federal, state, and local tax legislation can impact your business. When it’s time to file taxes, you provide the information, and we do the rest. You can have confidence that your tax returns are prepared accurately and filed on time. An overview of our business tax services appears below.

Tax Preparation & Filing Most businesses use a small business tax preparer, accounting, CPA firm, or a similar tax preparation service to file their taxes. But has your tax professional discussed strategies with you to reduce you and your business’s tax liability? If not, we should talk. As our team compiles and prepares taxes for your small business, we are always looking for legal, and strategic ways to reduce your tax burden on your business and personal taxes We complete the tax returns for the owners of nearly all small businesses we serve. Since the business and the owners are inter-linked it enables our team to sync tax strategies and filing for the best tax outcome.

Sales Tax Reporting Sales taxes are typically remitted either quarterly or monthly and reporting rules vary by State. Our team compiles and submits necessary reports regarding sales tax collected.

Small Business Tax Preparation Our tax prep services for businesses includes compilation, reporting and filing of Federal and State Business Taxes, as well as Schedules necessary for owners of the business.

Liaison with Agencies Our tax prep services are comprehensive, accurate, and timely. If the IRS or State agency has questions or you are selected for an audit, we stand by our work and act as liaison between you and the government agency.

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