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Payment Options & Incentives

We offer several payment options and incentives. Check out what we have to offer

No Upfront Cost

Refund Advances

Maximum Refund

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Paid Referrals

No upfront costs for our tax prep services. We will deduct our fees from your refund upon receipt

Our refund advance option allows you to access your refund as soon as we file it on your behalf

Our team will work to maximize your tax refund

Get paid $50 for new customer referrals


River Citi Tax Solutions LLC is excited to announce a new way for our clients to pay!

ClientCredit, powered by Affirm, allows you to finance your payment to the firm with no hidden fees, no late charges, and no surprises.

To take advantage of ClientCredit, simply look for the “Pay Later” option on our payment page.

Selecting this option will open an online application for financing through Affirm.

To apply, you’ll enter a few pieces of information and then get a real-time decision.

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