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Payroll Services

Our payroll services ensure an accurate and timely payroll process.  Accurate payroll is key to keeping employees happy.  Payroll processing involves a lot of details.  Many small business owners find it difficult to keep up with all the regulations and requirements involved in the payroll process.  River Citi Tax Solutions LLC provides complete turn-key payroll services for many small businesses.  We can take the tedious burden of payroll processing off your “to-do”

MANAGE WAGE & PAYROLL DATA Wage and payroll data involves a lot of detail, most of which must be kept strictly confidential. At River Citi Tax , we ensure this critical data stays accurate and secure. Updates to wages, deductions, garnishments, withholdings are simple and frustration free.

WITHHOLDINGS & DEDUCTIONS Federal and state withholdings, benefits deductions, and wage garnishments absolutely must be accurate. And the rules and regulations frequently change. Get out of the middle of all this detail. Our team knows the statutes and ensures these critical calculations are done right.

W-2s & 1099 FORMS The end of the year doesn’t have to mean countless hours getting these time critical documents to employees and the government agencies. Our payroll processing services include end of year filing requirements and document distributions to your employees.

PAYROLL CHECKS & DIRECT DEPOSITS We can issue printed checks to your employees or initiate the direct deposit transactions. Your employees’ wages hit their accounts exactly when expected and with the amount expected.

AGENCY LIAISON River Citi Tax acts as liaison between you and the federal, state, and local agencies involved in payroll processing. Should an issue surface with one of these agencies, we step in on your behalf to provide necessary documentation and answer their questions.

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