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Bookkeeping & Quickbooks services

Bookkeeping & Quickbooks services

Personal Tax Preparation

Our tax preparers review our client’s financial information in order to calculate tax credits, deductions, and liabilities which enables us to estimate tax payments or refund. We prepare and electronically submit your tax return; and provide tax management strategy advice.  

Business tax preparation

Our tax preparers provide tax advice, assess current and past tax returns; and prepare and electronically submit business entity tax returns

TAX Consultation

Our tax consultants, also known as tax advisers, provide our clients with financial and tax-related advice.  We present our clients with options to legally lower their tax liability. We help our clients remain in compliance with both federal and state tax legislation and regulations.

Good recording keeping is critical for any business. Our support team will help you maintain meticulous records to ensure you are able to monitor your business, prepare financial statements to enable financial reporting, and track sources of income, expenses, and property

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